Service and Commitment

In order to strengthen product quality management, strive to do a good job in product pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service

install service

Install service

1. The marketing department should formulate an installation service plan according to the product contract. The general assembly workshop and the technical department are fully responsible for the specific implementation. Generally, 1-3 people are arranged for guiding installation, and 5-10 people are generally arranged for contract installation.
2. After the user meets the installation conditions, the company should send personnel to the installation site in time. After the product is installed, the person in charge of the installation of the user unit shall sign opinions on the company's "product after-sales service list" and "customer opinion survey form" in terms of technical performance, product quality, etc., each form in duplicate, and one copy is reserved for the user. A copy is brought back to the Marketing Department by the installer for filing.
3. For the quality problems in the installation process, the installers should fill in the records carefully, and the quality department of the company should confirm the cause of the problem, the person responsible, the amount of loss, the method of claim settlement and relevant suggestions, and submit it to the vice president of enterprise management in writing. To determine the responsible department and take remedial measures as soon as possible.

After-sales service

1. After-sales personnel should show the company's good image through solid and hard work in actual work.
2. In addition to strengthening the connection with the user at work, the service personnel shall not put forward any requirements in the user's life.
3. When the service personnel are abroad, they must not only abide by the company's rules and regulations, but also the factory rules and regulations of the user unit they go to, and should do a good job in safety production, and complete the task with quality and quantity.

After-sales service

Product "Three Guarantees" Service

1. All the company's products are subject to "three guarantees". During the "three guarantees" period, if some parts of the equipment need to be repaired or replaced due to the manufacturing quality, our company will repair or replace them unconditionally.
2. The "Three Guarantees" period for key components of the product is as follows:
① There is no wrinkle or crack on the rubber surface of the rubber-coated roller, and the warranty period is 6 months;
②The service life of guide roller bearings is two years, and the service life of dryer bearings is five years;
③The drying cylinder body has no air leakage and no cracks, and the warranty period is 10 years;
④If all guide rollers break under normal use, our company will provide compensation and replacement.
3. If the product exceeds the "Three Guarantees" period, but is our company's responsibility for quality defects and problems, our company will reply within 24 hours after receiving the user's call or fax, and choose the best way to solve the existing problems or Send personnel to the site for processing at the fastest speed; if the problem occurs or the equipment is damaged due to the user's reasons, our company will contact the user in time. If the parts need to be replaced, in principle, only the cost will be charged.

Tracking service

1. All products manufactured by our company shall establish user equipment files in accordance with ISO9001 quality system documents, and save all their records.
2. For all the products of our company, within the quality assurance period and outside the quality assurance period, the marketing department will regularly send personnel to track the products and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction.
In short, the company will adhere to the tenet of "survive by quality, reputation by service, and development by integrity", and wholeheartedly provide domestic and foreign users with satisfactory products and services, in order to win users and strive for the market.

tracking service