Dedicate high-quality paper machines to customers

R & D

The establishment of the enterprise technology center has promoted the in-depth development of the CAD system, the research and development of new products and the progress of process technology. In recent years, the company has adhered to scientific and technological innovation, adopted a combination of independent research and development and technology introduction, and continuously expanded its research and development team (45 people in the research institute, 22 people in process technology, including 8 masters of engineering and 28 senior engineers). Companies cooperate to develop products adapted to the market. Through cooperation with MCC Meili Paper, Anhui Shanying Paper, Shandong Quanlin Paper, MCC Yinhe Paper, Fujian Nanping Paper, Zhejiang Yongtai Paper and other projects, the exchanges with foreign companies have been strengthened, especially We have cooperated with companies such as ANDRITZ of Austria, VAAHTO of Finland, ABK of France, KUSTERS of Germany, UMV of Sweden and other companies, and learned from foreign advanced technology and design concepts, which has significantly improved the technical level and research and development capabilities of the company.