Dedicate high-quality paper machines to customers

leader's speech

leader's speech

The development of Changhua paper machine benefits from the love and support of customers, as well as the unremitting efforts and struggles of generations of Changhua people

In the fierce market competition, we have achieved a rapid transformation into a modern high-tech enterprise.

Forty years of trials and hardships, Changhua has written a brilliant paper machine industry with persistence and energy

For us, history is a responsibility and an asset. Decades of outstanding performance have won the consistent trust and support of our customers.

We will unswervingly take the road of innovation and development, dedicate high-quality products - create value for customers!

Today, the vigorous Changhua is like a strong sail, sometimes avoiding risks calmly, sometimes bravely riding the wind

In the game with the market, the will is experienced and ready to go

Because every Changhua has an inextinguishable belief in their hearts

Our talented team considers this a great honor!

Let us join hands and contribute to the take-off of the national industry!

leader's speech