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"Singing and Laughter Welcome Tomorrow" 2010 Literary Gala

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2010-01-24 00:00

"Enjoy the Prosperity of China, Create Harmony and Prosperity" 2010 Literary Gala

A complete success

"Drums and music celebrate the prosperous world, singing and laughter welcome the spring - we bid farewell to the arrogant year of 2009 with joy, and enter the vibrant year of 2010 with passion", this is the opening remarks of a literary and artistic gathering we have carefully planned, in the way of a party. Welcome to the Spring Festival has become a cultural tradition of Changhua. On January 13, 2010, Shandong Changhua Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2nd 5th Workers' Congress and Summarization and Commendation Conference and the 2010 Literary Party in the auditorium of Dongchang Hotel. Professional lighting, professional stage design, almost professional wonderful performance... This show is all the staff's own masterpieces, their own works, their own performances.

In the words of the employees: "This time we can perform well again!" The dance "Red Days" kicked off the party, and then, wonderful programs appeared.


Opening Dance "Red Days"

Female Solo "Good Luck"

Poem recitation "Changhua Praise"

Rhythmic gymnastics "My Motion"

Male solo "Speak Your Heart"

Sketch "70 80 90"

Jazz Dance "Jazz Charm"

Xinjiang dance "Balangzai"

Tai Chi sword show

Male and female duet "As long as I have you"

Funny dance "Hee Sha Shah"

Three and a half sentences "Kwa Changhua"

Cross talk "Drag Racing Clan"

Hip-hop "Passion in Empty Alley"

Song big skewer "Popular Wind"

Boy Solo "One Road"

Cross talk "Interesting Stars"

ventriloquist "New Year's Anecdote"

Chorus "Unity is Strength"

"We're on the Road"

Song and dance "Jiangshan"

Vibrant and unrestrained hip-hop performance "Passion Empty Alley", soulful pop music skewers, enduring folk music "Speak Your Heart", "Good Luck", the soundtrack poem "Changhua Praise", Tai Chi Sword and calligraphy performances, three-and-a-half-sentence programs such as "Bao Changhua" are full of brilliance and brilliance; the sketch "70 80 90" reflects the characteristics of characters living in three eras; The funny performances of "Star" and "Dance of Thunder" made the audience laugh and indulge; ventriloquist "New Year's Anecdote" was especially loved by the audience. Pushed the party to a climax. The small choruses "Unity is Strength" and "We Walk on the Road" performed by leaders at the middle level and above were the icing on the cake, pushing the party to another climax. Unity is strength. Going to one place, has achieved remarkable results. Unity is strength, unity produces results, unity produces talents, and unity wins the market. Twenty-one wonderful programs appeared in sequence in about 2 hours. There were continuous cheers, applause and laughter. This was a festival held by Changhua people. In the new year, Hua is encouraged, cheered and applauded for another great achievement. Finally, in the beautiful melody of the song and dance "Jiangshan", the party slowly ended with expectations and blessings for the New Year, drawing a successful end to the wonderful performance.

The party ended successfully

The singing was flying and the laughter echoed. Although the moment of leisure and happiness was short-lived, the employees said: "This wonderful performance will be forever in our memory! We will put this happiness and passion into our work and life. , and create a better tomorrow for Changhua with their hard-working hands."

The holding of this literary and art gala successfully promoted the corporate culture, displayed the corporate image, and built a bridge for the communication between the company and the employees. The employees have an extra stage to show their demeanor to the company. The "Changhua" literary and art gala was performed in a happy and peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end. The employees showed their talents to the best of their ability. Changhua people fully interpret our corporate culture on their own stage.