Statement on Patent Infringement Protection


    Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in the production and sales of papermaking machinery. It has been committed to the innovation and development of papermaking machinery for many years, and exclusively owns the following patents:
1. Invention patent, Patent No.: ZL2012 1 0006341.0 Invented a shoe press with a new structure. Four areas are formed between the shoe plate and the shoe cover: static pressure area, dynamic pressure area, oil discharge area, and oil level maintenance area , can form a good lubrication and pressure distribution interval.
2. Invention patent, Patent No.: ZL2012 1 0006005.6 Invented a compensable skeleton oil seal and wear-resistant sleeve to match the sealing form, the sealing service life is long and the sealing effect is good. A sealing part with four-sided concave structure is invented, so that the sealing between the boot cover and the rotating mechanism is reliable and the pressing force is large.
The above patents were authorized to be used by OPED (Shandong) Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2021. After the expiration of the company's use period, our company found that there are still enterprises that are not authorized by our company to manufacture, Selling or promising to sell the above-mentioned patented products is suspected of infringing the above-mentioned patent rights of our company. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our company and a fair and equitable market order, our company solemnly declares as follows:
1. Any unit or individual who uses our company's relevant intellectual property rights without permission in production and sales for profit is an infringement. We advise relevant infringing units and individuals to immediately stop the infringing acts of imitating, selling, and promising to sell products that infringe our patented technology.
2. We solemnly inform our esteemed customers that the purchase and use of products that infringe on patent rights are also infringing acts expressly prohibited by Article 11 of the "Patent Law". Please select relevant products carefully and stop using infringing products.
3. If any unit or individual has infringed our company's patent rights, please stop manufacturing, selling and using the infringing products immediately and contact our company immediately to discuss reconciliation.
We are collecting relevant infringement evidence and reserve the right to further investigate relevant legal responsibilities. At that time, the infringing unit will bear many legal consequences and responsibilities, such as loss of goodwill, damages caused by infringement, and all expenses incurred in handling patent infringement matters.
hereby declare.

Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
July 1, 2022