The company participated in India International Pulp, paper and paper processing Industry Exhibition


    Once every two years of the 10th international pulp paper industry exhibition in India on December 9, 2011 held in new Delhi, the exhibition scope includes paper, mechanical equipment and raw materials, accessories and so on, with the gradual improvement of the India international paper show popularity, the exhibition to become the world's big party in papermaking industry, attracting more and more manufacturers all over the world exhibition, China Paper and paper equipment Exhibition Group, composed of 26 large domestic enterprises, participated in iIPI.

    India paper market growth rate faster, with more than 700 pulp papermaking enterprises, predicts 2015 Indian market demand can be up to 15 million tons of paper, paper making machinery has good market prospects, to seize the opportunity to develop India market, the company as a large domestic papermaking equipment exhibition India international paper show, show the company image and products, So that customers face to face to understand our company, to further understand the company's products.

    The customers we received in this exhibition are mainly from India and other countries. Many customers are interested in our sanitary paper machine and carton board paper machine, and several customers want to visit our company. This exhibition provides us with the opportunity to directly communicate with customers face to face, so that we can intuitively understand the Middle East market, can better communicate with customers.