Changhua company through the quality management system re-certification audit


    April 24, 2015, 25, Beijing Zhongda Huayuan certification center on the company's quality management system re-certification audit. Company leadership attaches great importance to this, Zhong Xiarui general manager to attend the first meeting held on April 24, the relevant departments of the company according to the requirements of the audit team actively cooperate. Dong Yuzhou, deputy general manager, attended the last meeting held on April 25 and made rectification on the problems found in the audit. Attended the first and last meeting also dai Chuandong deputy general manager, Li Hongjun deputy general manager, the department in charge of leaders and internal auditors.

    Team conducted a process-based members by Mr. Lee, senior auditors and zhang Lin auditors, two auditors by questioning, consult, observation, verify, and record a variety of ways to collect information about quality management system operation, agreed that the company quality management system operation has the suitability and effectiveness, and comply with the requirements for recertification, approved by certification.