The company participated in Shanghai China International Pulp and paper Exhibition


    As an important domestic exhibitor, the company participated in the 20th China International Pulp and Paper and paper Products Industry Exhibition and Conference jointly held by China Pulp and Paper Research Institute and American Cross Company. Founded in 1987, the exhibition has a history of 25 years. The exhibition has the characteristics of strong professionalism, many international exhibitors and high level of seminars, and has a high evaluation and extensive influence in the industry. It has become a traditional professional exhibition in the paper industry, and has a more positive impact on promoting the development of China's paper industry.

     Nearly 400 manufacturers from 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibition covers the world's most advanced equipment and technology needed by China's paper industry, including pulping and bleaching equipment and processes; Paper and board products; Papermaking fillers, additives, special chemicals, coatings, pigments; Waste water treatment system, pollution control; Paper making machinery; All kinds of pumps and valves, paper packaging materials, special tools and product processing equipment, all kinds of paper packaging printing equipment, paper packaging products and auxiliary materials; Special paper products and equipment, etc.

    During the three-day exhibition, the organizer also held more than ten high-quality technical exchanges, in which the company's technical staff and marketing staff participated in the exchanges, and conducted in-depth exchanges with customers.