Changhua company's new office building was officially put into use


    On the morning of November 18th, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear. The company's new office building had been decorated and officially put into use. This was an important event in the development history of Changhua Company, marking the company entered a new stage of development.

    Now the new office building has been relocated, neat office partition, new comfortable seats, bright large glass Windows, all give people a sense of standard style; Spacious corridor, bright ground, magnificent hall, unified meeting room, reception room, the end into a modern office building, become a significant symbol of changhua company development milestone. The office building contains 8 functional departments of the company, we should actively keep the new office environment clean, bright, orderly, in order to respect the hard to pay, in order to respect the company as a whole. Now the new office environment, for improving work efficiency and management level to create good conditions, to promote the company forward development to provide a guarantee, but also a new starting point forward. We should make full use of the building's new wind and work hard to achieve a double leap in the quality of hardware facilities and software at a new starting point with a new style, new attitude and new style.