The company's independent research and development of boot press equipment to obtain the national invention patent


    The paper machine boot press equipment independently developed by Changhua Company obtained the National Invention Patent Authorization Certificate on March 19, 2014, patent number: ZL 2012 1 0006341.0.

    Boot press is to change the instantaneous dynamic dehydration of roller press into the long time wide pressure zone dehydration under static pressure. The width of the pressure zone is more than 3 times of the width of the 1500mm large roller press, and the pressure of the pressure zone is more than 2 times of the pressure zone, and the highest specific pressure is only 30% of the pressure zone. Because the boot pressure can impose a larger line pressure, thus more dehydration. Compared with 1500mm large roller press, dryness increases by more than 2%, steam consumption decreases by more than 10%, and energy saving effect is obvious. The advance of boot press technology lies in its low unit pressure, so it can ensure that the paper has a higher loose thickness, reduce pulp consumption, improve the surface quality. The application of boot press greatly improves the operating conditions and efficiency of paper machine. It is the most advanced press dehydration technology, has great advantages.