Company technology center female workers liaocheng federation of trade unions in recognition


    On March 4, 2016, liaocheng Federation of trade Unions women's job committee celebrated the "38" commendation and work conference was held. In order to commend advanced, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers and the great character of the working class, fully display the era of female workers elegant demeanor, the city federation of trade unions to the city's female workers advanced collective, meritorious service model post, advanced workers and meritorious service model gave the recognition. Chang hua company technology center of female workers in the company of "women's achievements" activities in the outstanding performance, won the "underdeveloped female workers in the city pacesetter duty", "the city's top ten female workers in underdeveloped pacesetter strongholds" award, and won the "rich xing chat labor diploma", won the honor for the company, and broad worker has set an example for the company.