Changhua company was rated as "Top 30 Enterprises in China light Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Industry"


    In order to further promote the advanced experience of the backbone enterprises in the light industry equipment manufacturing industry, lead the industrial transformation and upgrading, and make China's light industry equipment manufacturing industry bigger and stronger, China Light Industry Federation carried out the selection of "Top 30 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Industry" in 2016 based on the principle of rigor, fairness and science.

    China National Light Industry Association evaluates the recommended enterprises according to the comprehensive score of eight indicators in 2016, including main business income, total profit, R&D investment, patent number and independent brand construction, and awards the "top 30 Enterprises in China light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Industry in 2016" through 30 enterprises. Top 30 of light industry and equipment manufacturing enterprises are the backbone of the industry, hope won three top honorary title of light industry and equipment manufacturing enterprises seriously implement the      country to develop "intelligent" made in the field of manufacturing strategy, improve enterprise competitiveness, in terms of speed up the transformation and upgrading, leading the industry development make more contribution.