Explore new paths for development and upgrade management


  Changhua company moved to the new factory in 2006, the comprehensive strength has been greatly improved, the industry is among the best, the company proposed a second business. In 2008, the company cooperated with Beijing Jinlanmeng Enterprise Management Consulting Group to comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management. In the past six months, the company has achieved good results in management, laying a foundation for building a new Changhua.

  First of all, the development Goals of Changhua and Growth Goals of Management positions design Plan and Process Organization Design and Operation Plan of Changhua were formulated, and the training of relevant positions was carried out to establish the overall goals for the second venture.

    Secondly, the company has set one-year and three-year development goals to clarify the thinking for the future development. I have sorted out job responsibilities and positions, formed a compilation of job descriptions, clarified the responsibilities and rights of each position, and laid a foundation for further development.

    Thirdly, the organizational structure was reformed and optimized. The selection of middle and senior management team with integrity and ability, improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance the market competitiveness of products.

    At present, for the sake of the company's long-term development, the company will design the staff development plan, focusing on finding and reserving talents for the company.

    The next step will be performance appraisal and compensation design. The operation of the new system will bring broad development space for the enterprise. The cooperation and development between Changhua and the consulting company will leave a wonderful mark in the development history of Changhua, and lay a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the management level of the company's second venture and leading the improvement of the level of paper machinery in the industry.