Recent market dynamics


1. Our company provides a 2640/500 special paper machine for Zibo Oumu Special Paper Co., Ltd.

2. Our company provides a special paper machine for Zhejiang Haijing Paper Co., Ltd.

3. Our company provides a cultural paper machine for Jinan Packaging Paper Factory.

4. Our company and Shandong Renfeng Paper Co., Ltd. signed a multi-cylinder corrugating machine with an annual output of 120,000 tons and 4,400 pairs of fourdrinier nets.

5. Our company signed a 3200 special paper machine with Zibo Shengquan Paper Co., Ltd.

6. Our company provides two special paper machines for Nine Dragons Group.

7. Our company's paper machine was exported again, and successfully signed a contract with Vietnam Chengda Paper Co., Ltd. for 2730/500 cultural paper machine.