Zhong Xiarui, CEO of Changhua Machinery Technology: Sino-foreign technical cooperation, to be a first-class Chinese paper machine


Huawei, the leader in telecommunications manufacturing, has become unmanned in a number of technical research and development fields, and is the world's best made-in-China label. Dong Mingzhu, CEO of Gree Electric Appliances, has been saying: "Let the world fall in love with Made in China". Recently, Director Dong made another inspirational speech. She said: "If you want to scold you, you can scold entrepreneurs, because we did not let Made in China stand up." "Made in China 2025" is a major deployment of comprehensive national strength and national security. Chinese entrepreneurs shoulder the mission of "manufacturing a strong country".
A few days ago, Zhong Xiarui, CEO of Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with "Manufacturing World Network" that science and technology have no national boundaries. As far as the papermaking equipment manufacturing industry is concerned, the most important thing is to learn and learn from foreign advanced technology, and obtain through Sino-foreign technical cooperation and independent research and development. Independent technology with international competitiveness, so as to get rid of the dependence of my country's paper industry on high-priced imported equipment.

The "Second Light Machine" that was popular in the 80s and 90s
Why "the grand occasion is not there"?

Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., Ltd has a history of 50 years. In the 1980s and 1990s when industrial technology was extremely scarce, Shandong Erqing Machinery was one of the few "technical giants" in the domestic paper industry. The number of machines reaches more than 1,000, which in a certain sense promotes the development of China's paper industry and provides technical support for many paper companies.
Zhong Xiarui graduated from Shandong University of Technology majoring in machinery. From 1988 to 1998, he served as technician, workshop director and deputy director of Shandong Second Light Industry Machinery Factory; in 1999, he served as factory director and party secretary; in 2001, he served as Shandong Changhua Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman and general manager of the company.
In 2001, when Zhong Xia Rui was the chairman, it was the year when my country joined the WTO. At that time, Zhong Xia Rui, who was in his thirties, issued the rhetoric of "building a world-class papermaking equipment", and tried to increase technology research and development and imported equipment. When the German Voith super-large paper machine appeared in the Chinese factory, its modernization and advanced nature are all amazing! Competing with China's paper-making equipment is simply "beating the stone with an egg". Andritz, Metso, and Voith, three multinational companies, have gradually eroded the Chinese market, and the annual orders for domestic paper machines have plummeted.

Sino-foreign technical cooperation to create first-class
Chinese paper machine, regain its glory

Over the years, Zhong Xiarui has led the scientific research team of more than 50 people in the company's technology research and development center to carry out technical research, ranging from independent innovation, integrated innovation to Sino-foreign technical cooperation. It has successively discussed and cooperated with companies such as ANDRITZ in Austria, VAAHTO in Finland, ABK in France, KUSTERS in Germany, UMV in Sweden, etc., and technical cooperation with Shandong University, Qilu University of Technology, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities, and draws on foreign advanced technology and design concepts to create To produce a first-class Chinese paper machine, the complete set of paper machine equipment can reflect the excellent cost performance of China's first-class paper machine in system integration, automation, paper technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, and various parts and components.
Changhua Company's innovation achievements The overall technology of shoe press has reached the international advanced level. The first shoe press equipment was applied to Shandong Huajin Paper Group Co., Ltd. 3400/650 white cardboard machine in November 2012; the second set in 2015 In January 2016, it was applied to the 4800/550 high-strength corrugating base paper machine of Dezhou Taiding New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and the good running performance and economic benefits made Dezhou Taiding New Material Technology Co., Ltd. ordered a second 5300/650 shoe press in July 2016. Equipment; the fourth 5650/1000 shoe press will be supplied to Shandong Quanrun Paper Co., Ltd. and is currently in production.
At present, Changhua Company is developing ultra-high line shoe press technology and special shoe press technology. These include flexible shoe press technology for Yankee cylinders such as toilet paper, hard shoe press technology for toilet paper, and vacuum shoe press technology.
In addition, Changhua's domestic paper machine maintains the best in the design and manufacturing technology of high-speed width paper machine, special paper and toilet paper: the thickest paper machine in China: 2500g/m2 (single machine), the thinnest paper machine in China : 5g/m2 (5um).
Typical projects completed in recent years include:
   1. Anhui Shanying Paper 5600/1100 Double Fourdrinier Paperboard Machine. Started in 2009, the maximum running speed has reached 1100m/min, and the net paper width has reached 5800mm, which is the fastest running speed among the domestic paperboard machines.
   2. 4800/600 Coated White Cardboard Machine with an annual output of 300,000 tons of MCC Meili Pulp and Paper Company. Started in August 2008, the maximum speed is 630m/min, and the maximum output has reached 1,100 tons/day. This machine is one of the paper machines contracted by Changhua jointly designed in China, with 212 main transmission points.
    3, Guangdong Jintian Paper 5600/450 three-fold net multi-tank gray cardboard paper machine. This machine produces gray cardboard and is currently the largest gray cardboard paper machine in China. It was started in 2011.
    4. Zhejiang Yongtai Group 4300/600 five-fold web coated whiteboard paper machine. Started in 2011, the width is 4.3m, the working speed is 600m/min, and the net output has reached 1,000 tons/day.
    5, Dongguan Jianhui Paper 4800/850 three-fold net box board machine. Started in 2012, the width is 4.8m, the working speed is 920m/min, and the net output has reached 1100 tons/day.
    6, Danyang Changfeng Paper 4800/850 three-fold net box board machine. Started in 2013, the width is 4.8m, and the working speed is 850m/min.
    7. Shandong Quanlin Paper 3750/1000 Fourdrinier Cultural Paper Machine. The annual output is 100,000 tons, and the start-up operation in 2009 is stable and reliable.
    8. Minfeng Special Paper 3520/600 Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Glassine Paper Machine. The machine was started in Zhejiang Minfeng Special Paper Company in March 2013. As a paper machine for producing high-grade paper, all parts of the machine are domestically produced, which reflects the progress of China's papermaking equipment (the previous glassine paper machine in Minfeng was all imported) .
    9. 2550/400 Fourdrinier multi-cylinder cigarette paper machine. In 2009, it started up in Hunan Xiangfeng Special Paper Industry, with a width of 2.55m and a working speed of 400m/min.
    10. 2700/700 Fourdrinier wire multi-cylinder decorative base paper machine. In 2010, it started up in Shandong Qifeng Paper Industry, with a width of 2.7m and a working speed of 700m/min.
    11. 3000/400 Fourdrinier multi-cylinder crepe paper machine. In 2012, it started up in Zhejiang Jingxin Paper Industry, with a width of 3m and a working speed of 400m/min, using wet creping technology.
    12. 2700/1200 crescent toilet paper machine (multiple). 3500/1100 crescent-type toilet paper machine (2 units), started in Dongguan White Swan in 2015.
Zhong Xiarui said that our goal is only one, to be a first-class paper machine in China and provide customers with the largest economic value chain. The excellent cost performance of paper machines allows customers to reduce investment costs and production costs, and quickly increase the level of profit; Pick up glory.
Industry insiders have analyzed that paper types such as household paper, packaging paper, specialty paper, and cultural paper, other than high-grade coated paper and liquid-wrapped paper, can be considered for the use of upgraded Chinese papermaking equipment. Taking advantage of the opportunity of in-depth adjustment, optimization and upgrading of my country's paper industry, the potential market for papermaking equipment is still very large. I hope Chinese papermaking enterprises can learn more about the optimized and upgraded Chinese papermaking equipment. Made in China can realize the dream of a powerful country faster.

The scientific research achievements of Changhua Machinery Co., Ltd.:
1. Shoe press technology
The technology passed the scientific and technological appraisal of Shandong Province in July 2015. The appraisal opinion fully affirmed the innovative achievements of the shoe press equipment: (1) A shoe press with a new structure was invented, and four areas were formed between the shoe plate and the shoe cover: static pressure area, dynamic pressure area, unloading area The oil area and the oil level maintenance area can form a good lubrication and pressure distribution area. (2) Invented a compensable skeleton oil seal and wear-resistant sleeve to cooperate with the sealing form, the sealing service life is long, and the sealing effect is good; The sealing between the rotating mechanisms is reliable and the pressing force is large. (3) In order to adapt to the working conditions of high line pressure alternating stress, a new type of roll body forging technology was developed. (4) The overall technology has reached the international advanced level.
2. Inertial shaking box technology
The high-frequency shaking of the breast roll optimizes fiber orientation for excellent forming results on all paper machines. The paper quality is significantly improved, thus facilitating the subsequent processing, coating, impregnation and printing of the paper. And can effectively improve the uniformity of the paper, reduce the longitudinal and transverse tensile strength ratio of the paper. Other quality parameters such as burst strength and crush resistance (SCT-CD) have been significantly improved. And no reaction force, no impact on the foundation.
Shandong Changhua Company has developed an inertial shaker, the principle of which is to use the self-balance of the eccentric system and the high synchronization of the CNC servo system. The design structure is simple and reliable, there is no complicated hydraulic system, and it is maintenance-free. Successfully applied to special paper machine and boxboard machine.