Can excellent Chinese papermaking enterprises give domestic papermaking equipment a chance to survive and develop?


Excellent Chinese paper enterprises can give domestic paper equipment

A chance to survive and thrive?

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At present, China's manufacturing industry has been involved in the global industrial technology revolution, and has launched a "life-and-death war" with the world's technological powers. German industrial 4.0 threatened to help China's manufacturing industry overall upgrade, the famous economist professor lang thrown threats, he thought: "if industrial 4.0 spread in the whole world, Chinese manufacturing will collapse, collapse", should be more precise, if industrial 4.0 spread in the whole world, the equipment manufacturing industry in China will collapse and collapse. As we all know, China's high-end equipment field seems to be a group of "vulnerable groups", take China's paper equipment, for more than ten years, while the high-speed development of the paper industry, while domestic paper equipment trudge in the predicament, in the face of the huge domestic market demand powerless.

Germany's strong industrial technology has also raised the vigilance of developed countries. The United States is actively building the "Manufacturing Internet" and the United Kingdom is speeding up the construction of the "industrial technology innovation center", both of which are trying to bridge the gap between technological innovation and industrial development and improve the core competitiveness of its manufacturing industry.

Made in China 2025 is an action program for the first decade of China's manufacturing power strategy. It is a major deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council with the strategic height of enhancing comprehensive national strength, improving international competitiveness and ensuring national security.

Just as Professor Lang said, if industry 4.0 spreads globally, China's equipment manufacturing industry will collapse and disintegrate. Obviously, since the strength of China's manufacturing industry is related to the comprehensive national strength and national security issues, we can ask whether the rise of excellent national paper enterprises can give domestic paper equipment a chance to survive and develop?

The rise of Chinese paper industry and

The loss of domestic papermaking equipment

Last century 80, 90 time, in China's reform and opening up on the tuyere, in the tide of market economy, China's paper industry is booming. At that time, China's large and small paper enterprises almost all rely on domestic technology and equipment to complete production. At the beginning of the new century, China joined the WTO, facing the "invasion" of international paper giants, China's paper enterprises have raised the flag of revitalizing the national paper industry, using the introduction of international first-class high-end pulp and paper equipment to rapidly grow stronger and bigger, successfully resisted the monopoly of foreign paper on the Chinese market. Paper giants such as Chenming Paper, Huatai Paper, Sun Paper, Nine Dragons Paper and Lewen Paper have emerged. Since 2011, the total volume of paper and board in China surpassed the United States and became the world's largest producer. Now, China is stepping forward to become a papermaking power, and its international competitiveness continues to strengthen.

The rise of China's paper industry, firmly in control of the huge domestic market, so that foreign paper giants had to "across the ocean sigh", but to lose, domestic paper equipment was forced into the corner of the market. The benchmark enterprises represented by Chenming, Huatai and Sun have all introduced world-class and high-end technology and equipment. Andriz, Metso and Voith occupy absolute market share in the huge market of paper equipment in China, forming a duopoly market structure in pulp and paper equipment. In the face of fierce competitors, the competitiveness of domestic papermaking equipment is very fragile, so we can only look for customers in medium-sized papermaking enterprises, trudging in the predicament. Data show that in 2008, there were 273 enterprises above designated scale in the national paper equipment industry, with a total revenue of only 17.22 billion YUAN, equivalent to the turnover of a Voith company in China.

Obviously, since the wto for 15 years, "technical short board" make China's papermaking equipment lost market in his home, so billions and billions of one another expensive foreign migrating papermaking equipment shipped to China, it is not only the loss of China's papermaking equipment, but also the whole machinery and equipment industry in China. Only technology is king, only technology is the real competitiveness.

"Independent innovation, Combined catch-up"

Close to or reach the international advanced level

Losing the market, China's papermaking equipment is actively looking for the "way to survive" in the difficult situation, launching a tough battle of technology, for many years, "independent innovation, together catch up". Professor Hu Nan, China's famous authoritative expert on paper equipment, said that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's pulp and paper equipment industry developed a number of independent innovation achievements that reached or approached the international advanced level, and international monopoly has been broken in some subdivision technology fields, and domestic paper equipment is moving toward the high-end.

Zhong Xiarui, CEO of Shandong Changhua Machinery Technology Co., LTD., said in an interview with "Manufacturing Industry network" that our goal is only one, to make a first-class Chinese paper machine, to make up the technical shortcomings and faults between each link, to solve the shortage of core technology supply, and to meet the upgrading needs of China's paper enterprises.

The whole paper making equipment industry in China, specifically in the aspect of pulping equipment: "Wheatgrass clean pulping and waste Liquid resource utilization technology" independently researched and developed by Quanlin Paper, the technology and equipment have obtained 14 authorized invention patents, the second prize of national technical invention in 2012, and the overall level is leading in the world. There are wenrui, Sanyo, Huaji, Anyang and other pulping equipment production enterprises, in the improvement of equipment efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction to a new level.

Specific to paper machine: Chang hua machinery technology company draw lessons from the design concept of international advanced technology, based on the technique and technology abroad digestion, absorption and independent research and development, study create boot squeezing, dilution water slurry box, high frequency wave oscillator, automatic paper machine, paper machine key DST scraper, etc can replace imported components, its boots squeezing technology to break the international monopoly, The operation reliability of boot press equipment has reached the international advanced level. The paper machine produced by the company has a width of less than 7m and a speed of 800~1500m/min. The paper machine tends to be large, efficient, intelligent, green and reliable. In addition, many paper machine companies, such as Jianghe, Kaixin, Chongyi and Continental, have also achieved breakthrough scientific research results, which have significantly improved their international competitiveness.

"One Family" of National Enterprises

Excellent papermaking "feedback" domestic equipment?

China's paper industry has entered a new normal of in-depth adjustment and optimization and upgrading. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises with poor management are disappearing, and superior resources such as market, technology, capital and talent are concentrated in large enterprises. Economic analysis, to implement the strategic goals of "Made in China 2025", to achieve the leap from a papermaking country to a papermaking power, China's papermaking industry will eliminate about 1/3 of the backward capacity, the annual consumption of paper and cardboard continues to grow, so the industry demand for high-end papermaking equipment is still very large.

Professor Hu Nan emphasized in the third China Paper Equipment Forum that the development of China paper equipment industry should do two integration, one is the integration of paper equipment technology industrialization, intelligence and information; One is the integration of paper equipment enterprises and paper enterprises.

Because excellent paper enterprises have been used to international technology and equipment for a long time, they know little about the technological progress of domestic paper equipment, and it is difficult to integrate the development of the two. Paper industry, and the former President of the chamber of commerce and the sun paper CEO Li Hongxin in an interview with "the manufacturing sector net", if there is no international first-class equipment to enter the Chinese pulp and paper technology, national paper industry simply cannot stand, pulp and paper industry will be like a car, cosmetic, beverage industry to be dominated by foreign brands, so more no foothold domestic equipment. From this point of view, China's paper industry stood up, for China's paper equipment is a good thing! After all, national enterprises are "one family". Only by joining hands and developing together can China achieve its dream of becoming a manufacturing power.

Every big enterprise in China's paper industry started from small paper making and small paper machines. Li Hongxin said that the future will pay more attention to the technological progress and advantages of domestic pulp and paper equipment. Domestic excellent papermaking people will "feed back" domestic papermaking equipment? Will it give domestic papermaking equipment a chance to survive and develop? Excellent domestic paper equipment manufacturers have the confidence to provide products for China's large paper enterprises? Is there any confidence in breaking the market structure of manufacturing equipment monopolized by three multinational companies? The manufacturing industry will continue to watch.